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Mobile Valeters & Detailers Insurance

We have worked closely with members of the valeting industry to create insurance specifically tailored for valeters & detailers. We have a number of options available from the essential “Bronze” cover to the full Detailer’s “Platinum” option, with the flexibility to normally accommodate additional specific individual requirements.

Coversure Bronze Option

Coversure Bronze Option
  • Business Description of Vehicle Valeting and Detailing
  • Available to new ventures with no previous experience provided there has been at least 1 year’s serious hobby valeting/detailing
  • Public Liability £1m, £2m or £5m
  • Products Liability £1m, £2m or £5m
  • Optional Employers Liability £10m including temporary employees
  • No motor vehicle type restrictions, cover can include work on cars, vans, minibuses, HGVs, Motorhomes, tractors, motorcycles...
  • Includes cover for valeting/detailing trailers, static caravans, touring caravans etc.
  • Cover available for premises based risks or working from home in addition to mobile work
  • £250 excess in respect of Third Party Property Damage
  • Excluding damage to items worked upon

Coversure Silver Option

Coversure Bronze Option

As Bronze, but to include:

  • Service Indemnity £1m, £2m or £5m

Coversure Gold Option

Coversure Bronze Option

As Silver, but to include:

  • Damage to items whilst being worked upon at an indemnity of £50k, subject to an excess of £500
  • Includes Public Liability for shows, exhibitions etc

Coversure Platinum Option

Coversure Bronze Option

As Gold, but to include:

  • £2m indemnity under Public Liability, Products Liability & Service Indemnity (option to increase to £5m)
  • Damage to items worked upon increased to £100k indemnity, again subject to an excess of £500
  • Includes Products Liability in respect of Online Retailing (excluding any goods for export or use in the United States or Canada)
  • Includes the activity of Detailing Tuition (excluding Profession risks – i.e. any injury, loss or damage as a result of the advice given)

Cover Explained

Public Liability - this section of the policy offers essential basic protection for you and your business and will indemnify you up £1,000,000 (or higher if required, ie £2m, £5m etc) against claims for damage or injury from a Third Party (i.e. another person) or their property as a result of your negligence for which you are legally liable, such as someone tripping over your hosepipe and breaking their arm. There is no excess in respect of injury, but an excess of £250 applies in respect of damage to third party property.

Products Liability - this indemnifies the policyholder against any claims made against you in respect of injury or damage as a result of products you have sold or supplied. As the supplier/retailer of a product, your customer will direct any claim against you, however, the Insurers will generally seek recourse from the manufacturer or retailer/wholesaler that supplied the product to you. This cover is for incidental sales in connection with your business such as selling a shampoo or other item to a customer which causes them harm or causes damage. However, our Platinum option also extends to include Products Liability for the retail online (internet) product sales of valeting/detailing/car care products (excluding any goods for export or use in the United States or Canada).

Service Indemnity - this indemnifies the policyholder against the consequential injury, loss or damage as a result of the servicing or upkeep of a vehicle. An example of this would be not tightening up wheel nuts properly after a “wheels off” detail, where a customer drives off, wheel falls off, car crashes etc. and the policyholder’s legal liability in respect of any resultant damage or injury will be indemnified. Another example would be overspill of tyre shine on brake discs causing the brakes to fail. Our Silver, Gold and Platinum options include this cover.

Employers Liability - if you employ anyone, even part time or casual, whether you pay them or not, it is a statutory legal requirement that you have Employers Liability in force. This is explained further here -

Employers Liability indemnifies the policyholder against any injury or disease suffered by their employees during their course of employment. Again the employer has to be legally liable for the injury or disease, but it is often the case that courts rule in favour of injured party where employees are concerned. Obviously you have a duty under Health and Safety requirements to provide adequate training, protective gear etc to provide a safe working environment for your employees, but a chemical splash to the eye could result in a claim and it will most likely be successful due the employer failing to supply and insist on the wearing of the appropriate protective clothing/goggles. There could be back injuries due to lack of training on lifting procedures, injuries due to improper use of machinery as a result of insufficient training, the list goes on! This is available as an add on to all cover options.

Damage to Items Worked Upon - all liability policies carry a specific exclusion with regard to defective workmanship, therefore they will not cover damage to a vehicle whilst you are working upon it, such as buffer hop with a polisher and putting dents in a bonnet or burning through paint. However, our Gold & Platinum covers provide an extension which will cover any accidental loss or damage to any customer’s vehicle in the Insured’s custody or control whilst being worked upon up to an indemnity limit of either £50,000 or £100,000. An excess of £500 applies to claims. Selecting this cover provides an added peace of mind should something go wrong and also a reassurance to your customer that you have cover in place should you damage their vehicle.


Please contact us for full a copy of the Policy Booklet for full details of the Policy Conditions & Exclusions, but please note the following which apply specifically to this scheme:

  • Excludes the use of Heat (however, hot air guns for the removal of vinyl graphics etc acceptable at normal terms)
  • Excludes the movement of motor vehicles
  • Excludes Boats, although these may be considered on referral – subject to full details and in dry dock only.
  • Excludes aircraft/airports
  • Minimum & Deposit Premium applies